Apollo Tyres Ltd: Inspiring Innovation Through Quarterly Corporate Newsletter Booklet design and print by get noticed team

Introduction: Apollo Tyres Ltd, a leading international tyre manufacturer and India's premier tyre brand, is renowned for its commitment to creating stakeholder value and maintaining dependable relationships. With manufacturing units across India, the Netherlands, and Hungary, the company's growth trajectory remains steadfast. To enhance internal communication and showcase their achievements, the HR team at the Apollo Tyres manufacturing plant in Sriperumbudur, Chennai, approached us to design and print their quarterly corporate newsletter booklet.

Crafting the Corporate Newsletter Booklet: The first project focused on the theme of "Letter I for Innovation," an essential aspect of Apollo Tyres' ethos. Our team sought to make a memorable first impression by designing a unique booklet inspired by the shape of a tyre. The carefully curated content showcased the plant's events and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, providing employees with a visually captivating recap of the past three months.

Printing and Finishing: For the printing process, we employed high-quality offset digital printing techniques to ensure optimal clarity and color vibrancy. To add a touch of elegance, we opted for a matte lamination finish for the booklet's cover, lending it a soft and sophisticated appearance. To reinforce the tyre-inspired design, we incorporated a special die-cut shape, further enhancing the visual appeal. The booklet was meticulously assembled with center pinning, allowing for easy navigation and durability. Once completed, the booklet was promptly delivered to the plant.

Recognition and Ongoing Collaboration: Upon receiving the first copy of the newsletter booklet, the chairman of Apollo Tyres expressed his appreciation for the team's innovative design and creative execution. This recognition served as a significant achievement for our Get Noticed team and instilled confidence in our ability to consistently deliver exceptional work. The Chennai plant's HR team also lauded our creativity and commitment to innovation, leading to the initiation of a long-term collaboration for future quarterly newsletter booklet designs.

Continuing the Journey: With the successful completion of the inaugural corporate newsletter booklet, our team at Get Noticed continues to partner with Apollo Tyres Ltd for subsequent editions. Each booklet presents a new theme, captivating design, and carefully curated content that reflects the plant's achievements, events, and CSR activities. Through our ongoing collaboration, we aim to create engaging and visually stunning booklets that inform, inspire, and foster a sense of unity among Apollo Tyres' employees across the nation.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Apollo Tyres Ltd and Get Noticed has resulted in the creation of a visually captivating and informative quarterly corporate newsletter booklet. By showcasing the plant's achievements, events, and CSR initiatives, we have facilitated effective internal communication and reinforced a culture of innovation. The appreciation received from the chairman and the Chennai plant's HR team validates our commitment to delivering exceptional design and print solutions. We look forward to further enhancing Apollo Tyres' internal communication through our continued partnership, ensuring each newsletter booklet is a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence.