What is a Flyer?

A business flyer is simply a single sheet printed on one side or both sides that are distributed to bring attention to business promotion, product, service, or event. The message is simple and eye-catching. A typical flyer is printed in A4 or A5 size paper. Depending on where you decide to print your flyers, using them in your marketing plan could be greatly cost-effective.

What do you do when someone hands you a flyer on the street or when you find one hidden among the bills and papers in the mail? Do you read it with eager anticipation? Or do you throw it away without giving it a second glance? Really, when was the last time you got a flyer that Do you actually pay attention to it?

The purpose of a flyer

Use marketing flyers to bring in new customers to a business or to announce a new sale or promotion. Some businesses will release a variety of flyers for just one ad campaign to add variety or to appeal to different demographics in their target market. Marketing flyers are handy for just about any business in any niche or industry. You can share them online or in-person, post them in windows, pass them out, send them via email, etc.

Thinking about what catches your own attention is a great place to start when designing a flyer. A lot of companies get this wrong and their flyers are relegated to the recycling bin. To ensure that your flyers actually make an impact follow our comprehensive guide to flyer design. We’ll take you from strategy and concept right through to printing and distribution.


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