In human civilization, we can’t live without a Calendar to tell us the 365-day cycle of the year. With current technologies, calendar comes in many forms of tools to keep track of our special events and appointments and perhaps to form as a diary. However, the advent in printing technology has made its use as one of the marketing medium/tool to make reminder of the advertiser existence in everyday routine.

A Unique Calendar Design

Every new set of calendar must be unique by itself by ways of form, colour image/ graphic and formatting. Onto to sustainable material, thus contained more than a conventional one. Customize for companies to make customers know about the special events they had and peculiarly about achievements, awards and recognitions. As such, the company can use the calendar as a display board or flip board or even table display in 3 dimensional forms to exhibit the special events that were achieved in the previous year, spelled out by the month of activities. Same to the distribution of calendar design to customers, vendors and employees. Everyone will come about to understand the organizational growth and its success.

Designing a calendar

Selection of Template

Designing a calendar design is always started from a right template that could express the employer intents and in relation to cost factor. It is like a piece of printed advertising art that may come in 1 dimension, 2 dimensions or even 3 dimensions.

Image Selection

It is common for employers to cross-reference into many other advertising calendar designs. Ultimately without replicate, the design shall depend on our formulated template, graphic images and colour combination to amplify into thoughts, environmental friendly and yet fascinating to users.


Calendar is part of the branding element is to make Organization feel expressive of the company. A perception image that to deliver to customers as well as to potential customers. As such, the inclusion of website URL, logo and contact information of the organization in the calendar design is greatly considered.

Printing the Calendar Design

An environment thoughts and cost are always factors into consideration. Size shape and form does vary depend on the final design that was concluded with the employer. As well as the printing method, like the digital form for most of the calendar designs. We use thick white papers since it is the best in reflecting both bright and dark colours and recyclable papers for companies that believe “Go Green.”