Everything in this world has a Name and Identity. Corporate identity is namely as sub -package same with an Image Identity to an Organization to remain prominent from the rests. Corporate Identity is identical of an image in- corporation for communication and as expression in relation to the Corporate Logo.

Designing a Corporate Identity

The interception of design criteria will be extended among the design team members deriving with samples that background from the logo concept and colours before presenting to our client's committee. Upon acceptance, we will further elaborate into business card, letter head and as well onto the envelope cover. Or other branding onto coffee mug, T- shirt, caps, and others as requires.

Brand Treatment

The completion of the branding book shall comprises the logo specification, colour code including the usage onto the where- about for implementation. Notwithstanding, the Corporate Identity thus play a major role to uphold the Corporate Image, as such, we advise that the designed format and colours should at all times consistence.

Completion and delivery

However, the design packages will be delivery in soft copy to our employer. Also translate into printed hard copy. Prototype or sample of every final products are recommended before entering into manufacturing process.