Definition of an Exhibition Stall and design

Every year companies participated in industrial trade fair to exhibits their new and upcoming products. In this trade fair, every industry will own a uniquely designated exhibition stall listing out their products and demonstrating products usage to viewers, thus putting imagination into reality. Industrial trade fair is a great opportunity for companies to serve a chance to physically express their dynamic potential for their products and services.

Designing an Exhibition Stall/booth


Exhibition stall is a 3 dimensional advertising profile that refer to shape and form. Functionality and aesthetic confer with products display into 3D modelling (3D studio Max). Therefore, the interaction with the employer's marketing team and product consultant measure a challenging role into the success of an Exhibition stall design. The theme, conducted activities, type of products, size and quantities of display elements that will form a design brief. Further will be the cost factors that compile for the final outcome.

Design Logics

The majority of invitees/ visitors enter into an organized exhibition hall as spectator and or to select different kind of products or perhaps for educational value. They may be not aware of the benefits of using the product or services provided to the customer. Therefore, we create an exhibition stall design to layout new products feasibilities and by attractive imageries. Thus focus on creating relevant stall design to improve leads and paying client.

We are professional Designer/ Advertising Artists and fabricator for exhibition stall designs that include: modular stalls, custom stalls, banner and display system. Our exhibition stall designing packages include space advertisements, planning and panel designs. Time is always a constraint for exhibition campaign and designed structures are temporary. Conspicuously, less is More, Simplicity is Beauty. And beauty is in the eyes of the audiences.

An open concept planning with colourful graphics as a background that messages visitors an idea to view and read. Plus the extensive use of lighting effects by specialist does emphasize products efficiently to draw visitors into the exhibition booth.

Construction and delivery

Design printing will be done by our specialist in the manufacturing plant. Construction phase and installation will be held on site with other sub-contractors nominated by the employer.