The Flyer and Invitation design, a way of paper advertisement that widely distributed to customers in person at public places or via email to connect for the purpose of businesses. A source of direct advertisement from an individual or an organisation. A source of advertisement can travel to all humans reach.

Advantages of Flyers

The success of every business relies on customers. And businesses to achieve its goals successfully are through their customers. Despite millions of Capital investment Organisations use flyers to make customers aware about their services, offers, and newly developed products/project. Flyers do attract customers with strong visual impact that best in communicating organisation values to the audiences. And Industries use invitations to welcome retailers, employees, and clients for their newly launched website or inauguration of their new office.

Designing Flyers


Everything in this world has an identity to be called, Headline toward the objective or intents. Corporate Identity is significant of an image in- corporation for communication and as expression in relation to the corporate Logo.

Planning the Content

The initial step in flyer and invitation design is organizing the information. The contents do differ between the invitation and flyers design. Gathering all concise information and present them in bullet points for easy reading by receiver. As for invitation, content will be short and precise.

Forming the Right Images

Our graphic designers input substantially to design images to grab the attention from customers by aligning the Images and Content with absolute care. Considering the font size and its colour together with the background theme. Simultaneously, there will be an adequate spacing between content and border of the pages. Font size and printing materials are the two major considerations when flyers and invitation are design.

Design printing and delivery

The printing process will be done by our specialist. At halt, he will ensure all created flyer and invitation design were printed on perfect looking media. After assessment and quality check, then, we will hand-over the completed flyer and invitation design package to the employer.