The interpretation of a logo is to reflect the branding identity of an organization. Define as Logic Orientation Graphic that conveyed a significance message onto the organization function and doing. An emphasis that promotes the image into our eyes, brain and follow by the heart.

Our Design Culture

Art is our life and our life is to live. We are India base design studio, having more than 13 years of professional service in the commercial industries providing art and design services to our clients locally and internationally. Unique in our hand-on individuality that meet form, function and colour in way, philosophy in thoughts.

In the current digital world, we are well in capacity to service our clients international in ways friendly and paperless by transmission.

GetNoticed Design Criteria

Our design studio comprises various art professionals covered from India, Singapore and China. Brainstormed by different cultures and marketing strategy, in way systematic and transformation in approached to achieve the best result. Thus, with matches and linked between natures and environment.

Interaction Phase

Interaction phase or called as inception, will be held with the clients committee to project their thoughts and directions toward the nature of the business and targeted field. Therewith, the first preliminary concept will be developed for further exploration.

Research Phase

Instead of looking at other or competitors design, we should be looking at ourselves. Study the core of our client’s nature of business in relation to the world economic projection into a feasibility that determined a benchmark in the graphical logo design for now that project future. In way of phenomenon of life.

Sketch & Digitizing Phase

Through the processes, scrutinizing all the design elements with our clients and internal creative team and writer. An instrumented final logo product package will be generated comprises graphic logo, background design and design slogan (design write out).