Packaging Design usually described as an identity onto a form of various shape and materials to house a product. A transformation from 1 dimension to 3 dimensions. Whereby, it explains the products and usage to the customer by Visual Language. During design stage, we visualize the final product in 3D modelling for our employer perusal.

Every day, numerous products from different brands are entering into the market. These products come with packing to keep products away from damages during handling and transportation. And packing has a great impact to express and promoting the products that was housed. Professional services are certainly needed to derive a packaging design as part of their products Identity that is sustainable, durable and expressive.

Our Designer team are versatile in the packaging printing and labelling processes. The packaging materials can be of plastic, glass bottle, paper pack, metal or in any combination. Aside for being competitive and to remain sustainable and expressive. We will make thorough study and research on the product designs, materials usage, manufacturing process and most importantly the cost consideration to complete the entire final packaging design that provide the first impression lead to customers. Expressively the counting weight.

Brand identity

Packaging is part of the Brand Identity that exhibit the Organization and the contained product and usage. It is a vital element for new or old products at all time to explore with the brand identification, as Consumers tend to buy new products that are from the trusted brand. As for new branded products, we reckon a thorough market research and understanding in comparison to competitors products are necessary, thus to make it stand- out among the crowd.

Colour Selection

Colours are always good at reflecting the individuality. Picking of colours does vary in way to show the uniqueness of the brand. It works as an eye viewer to attract customer attention. However, colours combination with graphic symbolization and background theme onto form conjure magic in products selling.

Printing of Packaging Design

Printing of packaging design is different from printing advertisement. Packaging design come with volume and will be carried out by our specialist printer base on the design specification and materials of the form package. Before getting into the manufacturing process, a prototype will be made for review by our quality controller and our employer. Upon acceptance, the manufacturing and printing will commence.