Point of Purchase

A good advertisement can make customers remember about the product or service for a long. Poster and dangler are comes under the door hanger marketing. There is no use of creating advertisements that can easily push aside by customers. For example, people never take a chance to look at Advertisements that are sent by email. So, organizations use poster and dangler designs to make customers notice their advertisement. Simultaneously, this type of advertisement has some desired qualities like high customer attention level, friendly audience reception and strong credibility. We are one of the best poster and dangler designing companies located at Chennai. According to the Specifications given by the client, our professionals will custom design the posters and danglers. We are very glad to say that our client list includes the top grocery and retail stores in Chennai.

Most of the retail stores prefer our service for the quick response we do. As a first step of the poster and dangler designing process, we provide clients a set of sample dangler designs to choose the best. Next, we discuss with the client to know reasons for why they need danglers. This is because some retail stores use poster and dangler design to announce the latest offers to the customers whereas others use it to branding purposes. For the attractive display, we create both the full-colour graphics and text only messaging dangler designs. Our experts will customize the size and shape of the dangler to meet the customer needs. And our writers will come up with the thought-provoking phrase to display on the dangler.

We submit the preview of the poster and dangler design to the clients before printing to make sure they are satisfied with the design and message.

After getting an approval from the client, we start printing the poster and dangler design. Contact our team now to enjoy the invaluable benefits of our services.