Point of Purchase

Poster and Dangler design can be classified for indoor and outdoor advertisement. It mainly depends on the materials use and come with various method of display: Free standing on rack system or wall display. Dangler advertisement sometime called as door hanger marketing. It acted like a point of sale that comprehend the notion and illustrate messages from advertiser to consumer. Which bring upon friendly touch, environmentally as well socially in confine environment like grocery and retail store and department store.

An advertisement approach for small to medium size illustration that view from close distant.

Design criteria

To begin with the poster and dangler designing process, we look into the criteria to on the usage and location of the poster/ dangler and size needed. Some advertiser use poster and dangler design to announce the latest offers to the customers, whereas others use it as part of branding purposes. Attractive display created both with full-colour graphics and font text bring about attention to customers. Customizing the size and shape of the danglers and our scriptwriter will engage into the written phrase with selected font type that cast an out-front to display the announcement.


Upon final review of the poster/ dangler design proposal submitted by us. For volume production, our specialist will produce a trial copy to ensure the quality before commencing into manufacturing and printing processes.