Moringo Organics Starters Manual Design Moringo Organics Starters Manual Design Moringo Organics Starters Manual Design

Moringo Organics Starters Manual Design

Handled: Brochure Design, User Manual

Client Name: Moringo Organics

Industry: Vitamin & Supplements Store

City: Bengaluru

Country: India

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Unveiling the User Manual for Moringo Organics: Designed by Get Noticed

Introduction : In the pursuit of developing innovative organic products that promote enhanced health, Bangalore-based Moringo Organics has emerged as a prominent player in the industry. Their commitment to organic excellence caught the attention of the marketing team at Get Noticed, who were approached to design a user manual for the company's new members. Aptly titled "Getting Started," this comprehensive guide serves as a motivational tool for individuals joining Moringo Organics' MLM network.

Inspiration Strikes : Upon familiarizing themselves with Moringo Organics' background and the MLM business model through which the company sells its organic products, the creative team at Get Noticed embarked on the task of crafting an engaging user manual. Inspired by the idea of igniting motivation, the team developed a captivating front cover concept: a visual representation of ₹1000 notes arranged as domino blocks, symbolizing the seamless progression of earning potential for new members joining the MLM network. This initial creative concept left a lasting impression on the client, prompting their approval to proceed with the complete manual's design.

Innovative Design Elements : The 60-page user manual was meticulously constructed by the creative graphic team at Get Noticed, ensuring that each topic received its unique design treatment. With an emphasis on visual impact, approximately 25% of each page is dedicated to visually engaging elements. This approach not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the motivational tone of the manual.

The manual's square dimensions further contribute to its distinctiveness, allowing it to stand out among other conventional literature. Careful attention was given to the layout, typography, and color schemes, ensuring a seamless reading experience for the user. The result is a visually stunning and information-rich guide that embodies Moringo Organics' commitment to excellence.

Project Success and Pride : With the completion of the design process, Get Noticed delivered the print-ready files for the 60-page manual to Moringo Organics. The client's enthusiastic response to the final product affirmed the successful collaboration between the two companies. Being entrusted with such a significant project from a major metropolitan city like Bangalore filled the Get Noticed team with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Conclusion : The user manual, "Getting Started," designed by Get Noticed for Moringo Organics, represents a seamless blend of innovative creativity and motivational content. By merging visual impact with comprehensive information, this manual empowers new members joining Moringo Organics' MLM network to embark on their journey with confidence. Get Noticed takes pride in contributing to the success of Moringo Organics and remains committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that captivate and inspire.