Jinkorp Corporate Identity Design Jinkorp Corporate Identity Design

Jinkorp Corporate Identity Design

Handled: Corporate Identity

Client Name: Jinkorp

Industry: Travel Services

City: Delhi

Country: India

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Elevating Brand Collateral for JINKROP: A Journey of Creative Designing Excellence by our get noticed team

Introduction: in the competitive world of business, an impactful brand identity is crucial for success. JINKROP, a renowned travel services brand based in New Delhi, recognized the significance of a compelling corporate identity and approached our creative designing team to develop their logo and brand collateral. This article explores how our team's exceptional work on JINKROP's logo design led to the creation of a diverse collection of media that effectively supported and promoted the brand.

Crafting an Eco-Friendly Business Card: Business cards serve as powerful tools for networking and leave a lasting impression on potential clients. Recognizing their importance, we decided to design JINKROP's business card using eco-friendly materials. This decision aligned with the growing trend of environmental consciousness and helped establish a positive image for the brand. By choosing an eco-friendly approach, we showcased JINKROP's commitment to sustainable practices and appealed to the environmentally conscious audience.

The Power of Colors: During the design process, our team conducted a brainstorming session to select the most suitable colors for JINKROP's corporate identity. Drawing inspiration from the brand's logo, we opted for a striking combination of red and blue. Red symbolizes passion, energy, and adventure, which perfectly resonated with JINKROP's travel services. Blue, on the other hand, represents trust, reliability, and professionalism. This harmonious color palette captured the essence of JINKROP's brand values and created a visual identity that would engage and enthrall their target audience.

Expanding Brand Collateral: In addition to the business card, our creative designing team extended JINKROP's brand collateral to include various essential items such as letterheads, envelopes, notepads, folders, and other customized materials based on the client's requirements. By maintaining a consistent visual theme across these mediums, we ensured a cohesive brand identity that reinforced JINKROP's presence and professionalism.

Promoting the Brand: With JINKROP's logo and brand collateral in hand, our team ventured further to support the brand's promotion across diverse media platforms. We explored digital marketing avenues, such as social media graphics, email signatures, and website branding, to amplify JINKROP's online presence. By employing consistent design elements, we enhanced brand recognition and fostered a sense of trust and familiarity among potential customers.

Conclusion: JINKROP's collaboration with our creative designing team led to the development of a remarkable corporate identity. The thoughtful use of eco-friendly materials in the business card design showcased the brand's commitment to sustainability, while the strategic color selection evoked the essence of adventure and reliability. With an extensive range of brand collateral and promotional materials, JINKROP is now equipped to make a lasting impact on its target audience. Our team's dedication and creativity ensured that JINKROP's brand would stand out and thrive in a competitive industry, setting the stage for continued success in the world of travel services.