What encompasses a Corporate Identity?

When the term "corporate identity" comes to mind, you might immediately think of items like business cards, letterheads, and envelopes incorporating your logo – and that's certainly a part of it. Corporate design entails everything typically associated with a company's visual identity, such as logos, taglines, colors, fonts, stationery, flyers, web design, social media, and more. It extends beyond the traditional boundaries to encompass aspects like office decor, employee uniforms, and graphics on company vehicles.

However, corporate identity is not merely about design; it reflects the essence of your company. It comprises not only those visual design elements but also your organizational culture, values, and both internal and external communications.

Creating a Corporate Identity involves a collaborative effort among our design team members to establish design criteria. This process includes developing samples based on the logo concept and color scheme, which will be presented to our client's committee. Upon approval, we will proceed to extend the design elements to business cards, letterheads, envelopes, as well as other items like coffee mugs, T-shirts, caps, and more as needed.

The final Corporate Identity guide will encompass detailed specifications for the logo, color codes, and guidelines for implementation. It is crucial to note that Corporate Identity plays a significant role in maintaining the Corporate Image. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of consistency in the designed format and colors to ensure a cohesive and professional brand representation at all times.

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