What constitutes a Flyer? It's essentially a single-sheet document, printed on one or both sides, intended for distribution to draw attention to a business promotion, product, service, or event. The messaging is designed to be straightforward and visually appealing. Flyers are typically produced on A4 or A5 size paper, and depending on your chosen printing method, incorporating them into your marketing strategy can prove to be a highly cost-effective approach.

Consider your own reactions when handed a flyer on the street or when discovering one amidst bills and papers in the mail. Do you eagerly read it, or does it often go unnoticed, tossed aside without a second glance? Reflect on the last time you encountered a flyer - did it capture your attention?

The function of a flyer is to attract new customers to a business or announce a new sale or promotion. In some cases, businesses may create a variety of flyers within a single ad campaign to introduce diversity or cater to different demographics in their target market. Marketing flyers prove useful for businesses across various niches and industries, with the flexibility to be shared online or in-person, displayed in windows, distributed by hand, sent via email, and more.

To create effective flyers, start by considering what captures your own attention. Many companies overlook this crucial step, leading to their flyers being disregarded and ending up in the recycling bin. To ensure that your flyers leave a lasting impact, follow our comprehensive guide to flyer design, covering everything from strategy and concept to printing and distribution.

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