Scope Corporate Identity Design

Scope Corporate Identity Design

Handled: Corporate Identity

Client Name: Scope

Industry: Beauty Parlour Spa

City: Chennai

Country: India

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get noticed Creative Designing Team Leaves a Lasting Impression with Brand Collateral for Scope Spa

Introduction: Brand collateral plays a crucial role in promoting a brand and supporting its sales and marketing efforts. It serves as tangible evidence of the brand, designed in alignment with its core values and personality. In the case of Scope Spa, a well-known beauty parlour and spa centre based in Chennai, their quest for an impressive corporate identity led them to our creative designing team. Through a series of collaborative brainstorming sessions, our team crafted a visually captivating and youth-centric corporate identity that left the client thoroughly impressed.

Designing Process: To create an impactful corporate identity for Scope Spa, our team initiated a brainstorming session to determine the ideal color scheme and card type. Considering the beauty and fashion industry, we aimed to design a corporate identity that would attract the younger demographic. As a result, we opted for a rectangular, slim business card format, which exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Choosing Colors and Typography: The selection of colors and typography is essential for establishing a brand's visual identity. Our team carefully chose mild and soothing colors that would evoke a sense of relaxation and serenity, aligning with the spa's core offerings. These colors were strategically incorporated into the corporate identity design to enhance its overall appeal. Furthermore, the typography was selected to reflect elegance, sophistication, and modernity, catering to the fashion-conscious target audience.

Final Outcome and Impressed Client: After meticulous design iterations and feedback sessions, our team presented the final corporate identity design to the client. The visual elements, including the color palette, typography, and slim business card format, perfectly captured the essence of Scope Spa's brand identity. The client was genuinely impressed with the outcome, recognizing that the new corporate identity had the potential to significantly contribute to the success of their business.

Conclusion: The creative designing team's involvement in creating brand collateral for Scope Spa resulted in a visually stunning and impactful corporate identity. By carefully selecting colors, typography, and design elements that resonated with the beauty and fashion industry, our team successfully captured the attention of the target audience, predominantly the youth. With an impressive corporate identity in hand, Scope Spa is now better equipped to enhance brand visibility and establish a strong connection with its customers. The collaboration between our team and the client exemplifies the power of effective design in creating a lasting brand impression.